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Sixteen foreign students have concluded their studies in Public Management to contribute to their countries

During the closing ceremony of the Diploma in Public Management 2023, students praised the teaching quality of the University of Chile and our Centre.

For the seventh year in a row, our Centre for Public Systems of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Chile (CSP, in Spanish) has offered the Diploma in Public Management, a program taught in English and promoted by the Graduate School and Continuing Studies of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (FCFM, in Spanish) of our University, and the Chilean International Cooperation Agency (AGCID, in Spanish), which in this occasion taught 16 public officials from Botswana, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa.

“The Diploma in Public Management is a program that concretely  embodies the commitment towards international technical cooperation between public organizations devoted to their modernization through diplomacy, in the case of AGCID and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by means of postgraduate studies, from the side of the University of Chile. Both institutions have established a partnership since 2017, which has already impacted the education of more than 160 scholarship holders from Central America, Africa, and the Middle East. This long-term partnership is a source of pride and gratification for our Centre”, Gissela Remolcoy stated, head of the CSP’s Teaching Area.

Over the course of four months, under a 100% E-Learning methodology, students acquired knowledge and developed instruments to promote the improvement of the management systems of the public services they are involved in, which was the main purpose of this project. Thus, the program not only strengthened their professional skills, but also promoted an enlightening opportunity of cultural and social exchange among students, professors, and administrative staff of the Diploma.

This was strongly emphasized by participants at the program’s closing ceremony, during which the scholarship holder Mogau Letswalo, staff member of the National School of Government of South Africa, commented: “For me, this is a valuable program that brings us all together to achieve our goals. Since we live in a globalized world, with globalized partnerships, this program addresses concerns of mutual interest and ensures high-quality education (…) It had both a theoretical and practical approach, where each module was intensive, requiring me to think outside the box and analyze each situation. As a result, I have acquired many tools, which has greatly helped my organization and its improvement”.

“Our program was designed with the mission of involving participants in the current academic world, discussing different paradigms related to Public Management while developing essential skills to effectively manage public organizations within a globalized environment”, Pablo Gonzalez concluded, Academic Director of our Centre.

Lastly, the head of the South-South Cooperation and National Development Department of the AGCID, Mrs. Carla Guazzini, noted that “the University of Chile is highly prestigious in our country and has been an essential partner of our Agency in the field of academic education. In fact, we have a long history of scholarship programs in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa (…). I hope that after this experience students will be able to successfully implement in each of their countries what they have learned in our program, and therefore be part of the change.”

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please contact us at docencia.csp@uchile.cl and/or visit our website HERE.

11 de enero 2024