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Javier Fuenzalida en ciclo seminarios Management Science


13:30 horas, sala Asamblea (Beauchef 851, 4° piso, Santiago)

Invitado: Javier Fuenzalida, investigador del Centro de Sistemas Públicos (CSP) de Ingeniería Industrial y candidato a doctor en Administración Pública de la Universidad de Rutgers, Estados Unidos

Título conferencia: “Are managers susceptible to framing effects? An experimental study of professional judgment of performance metrics”

Evidence suggests that citizens evaluate government performance differently when equivalent performance information is presented with either a positive or negative framing—but do experienced public managers also suffer from this framing effect? To address this question, we conducted an experiment with 191 public service professionals in the U.S. in which we experimentally varied the framing of performance information about customer satisfaction, job satisfaction and goal achievement for various federal government agencies. Our results show that public service professionals—just like ordinary citizens—are susceptible to framing effects. Specifically, they tend to evaluate federal agency performance more negatively when percentages of “job dissatisfaction” and “targets not met” were presented, as opposed to logically equivalent percentages of “job satisfaction” and “targets met.” These results provide a deeper understanding about the effective use of government performance information, as well as how such information is comprehended and perhaps misunderstood by decision makers.

Organizan: Ingeniería Industrial U. Chile e Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería (ISCI)

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